Monday, August 2, 2010

A Little Bit Bachelorette............

I have to admit I have been watching The Bachelorette As much I hated the idea of that show when ads for it hit the airways how many seasons ago I managed to get sucked in. I still hate the idea that a guy can ogle twenty-five women and take his pick but there's something about a woman doing the same with twenty-five men that evens the playing field for me.

I can't help but think all the kissing and heavy petting that go on are not quite moral. I might be old fashioned but how could you trust a relationship that began under such circumstances. Maybe that's the reason that so many Bachelor and Bachelorette relationships fall by the wayside. Still I'll be sitting by the TV tonight waiting to see how this one turns out even if I'm really glad my kids haven't decided this is the way they'd like to chose a mate.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dancing Troubles..........

I'm worried about Dancing with the Stars. It seems by now some of the dancers should be getting the hang of it. While most look like they're having done, the scores just don't seem to be going up.

The only thing good about Kate Gosselin's stretch was the line by Tom Burgeron, "Update eight little friends just stripped Bruno's car" in response to the judge's less than kind remarks about Kate's lack of dance. Kate Gosselin has got to go.

While I get the woman could use some self esteem and dancing should be good for her, it doesn't look like she's even trying most of the time. I feel sorry for Tony Devaloni having to motivate a partner who seems to be just going through the motions.

Then looking at her scores. How does Kate get only one point lower than Neicy Nash . Maybe the "thick" (as she refers to herself) woman's jive wasn't as crisp on the bottom as it was sexy on the top but Geez, only 6's from all three judges when the woman easily dances circles around Kate with her scores of 5's. If Neicy's dancing only earned 6's then Kate's should have been 3's.

I know there is a contingency out there who feel sorry for Kate but they need to get real and vote for someone worthy. The woman clearly has something she'd rather be doing with her time and I know I'd rather be doing something else than watching her fake dancing.

The bright spots of the evening were from the Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger and gold medal skaterEvan Lysacek . The bachelor star Jake Pavelka
and former beach starPamela Anderson are showing promise so I can handle them too.......... and ok so Erin Andrews is coming along but Geez.......Louise..........if Kate Gosselin keeps hanging around I may have to pass on anymore Dancin.'

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Dancing Has Begun.........Now What?

OK, it's taken me a couple of days to reflect on what I saw before I could come up with a post. I guess the first dances of the season weren't as bad as some past BUT the real question is, "Did they go as expected?" Everyone always wants to know if there were surprises and to be truthful I'm not really sure about that even yet.

When the show actually began I was surprised to see that I really knew even more of these "stars" than I first stated. I think Aiden Turner formerly of All My Children is a real hunk and I sure hope he can dance. I would have no problem watching him shake his booty for awhile. True on this first night he looked of bit crazed in his attempt at the Cha Cha but hey it was a good crazed......... a really good crazed. I can only imagine what it'll be like when he really learns HOW to shake that too cute b*tt correctly.

Buzz Aldrin was as I expected........a little stiff but what 80 year old (besides of course Jack LaLane could be supple enough to pull this off) He seemed to be a nice guy not afraid to take a risk. How else could you get yourself into being on national TV at that age? Any guy who could be the first to walk on the moon has to have the guts it takes to jump off a cliff like Dancing with the Stars. Despite having the lowest scores of the night, I hope Buzz manages to stick around for a bit.

I was surprised by the network sports caster. She's my bet for the dark horse of the lot. True it didn't look like she had the feel all the way to the tips of those long lithe limbs of hers but her musicality was good. Definitely a diamond in the rough but not all that rough.

The Pussy Cat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, brought a lot to the table. After seeing her first dance I can see why the early bets were on her to be the winner. If the ice skater can't learn to remember he is dancing with a partner, she could make mince meat out of him. His lines were beautiful but he did not draw in the audience of the judges like madame Pussy Cat.

Speaking of drawing the judges in, Pamela Anderson, did just as I expected. Both male judges were drooling at the sexuality of her dance even if her technique sucked. But the what do you expect from the former Baywatch star. The woman hasn't lost her edge in that department just because she's older. She's still a bombshell. I wouldn't mind feeling that confident about myself.

I heard on the radio today that Mrs. Reality TV Mom is something of a primadonna to work with. There are rumors that she's late for hair, make-up and costume and obnoxious about it when they ask her to "Please come on time." The word on the streets is the Dancing crew are hoping she'll be voted off quickly so they don't have to put up with her cr*p.

Of course, this is probably rumor but part of that rumor was that she is planning to bring all eight of her kids to the next show. She expects to be in the bottom two so is hoping to use the kids to garner audience sympathy. I guess we'll have to wait for the show to see if this rumor is true. AND if it is, maybe it'll lend some truth to the first half of the thing.

Other than that the group seemed to be pretty close together in scores. It looks like they have a nice solid group of people to turn into dancers. It will be interesting to watch how quickly some pick dancing up......... and the struggles of those who don't. Oh.........and lest I forget, the costume failures that happen in the process.....seems like we started off the season with one already and I'm sure there are more to come.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Season.........Dancing with the Stars

With the new season for Dancing with the Stars fast approaching I almost don't know what to think. For the first time I can think of I actually know who at least half of these "stars" are. Just the idea that there are people I know making up the cast of characters makes this season seem inviting. Now if they just turn out to be people who can dance.......... or have great personalities I might actually enjoy this new season.

I can't help but think the Olympic gold medal winning ice skater might just be a ringer. While I can't spell or pronounce the man's name, I HAVE seen him skate. Whether he can loosen up enough to do give those Latin dances justice will tell the tale.

I don't know what to think about Pamela Anderson. I assume she will be reasonably athletic but the top heavy part worries me a bit. Hey! If Apolo Ohno can make the comment on national TV, it should be ok for me to mention here. I don't know how her balance might be affected but I'm pretty sure both male judges are going to love seeing Ms Anderson in those skimpy costumes!

It will be interesting to see how the first man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, does with these dances. He is no spring chicken at 80 and he will not be in the weightless state he was on the moon. Still I think it's cool that he is representing the "older" generation. I wish him well.

When talking about age, I must admit I surprised myself I even know who the Pussy Cat Dolls are. I can't tell you what songs they sing but I get that they're a popular group with the younger set. For me it was a big plus just to recognize the roots of one of the Dancing competitors. That's a huge improvement over times past although the name, Nicole Scherzinger, doesn't mean a thing to me........ yet. Forget the fact many think she is a ringer........ I'm still sticking with the Olympic gold medalist being the ringer!

I could care less about Jake from The Bachelor I've had enough of him already. I can only wonder how much he can really be into Vienna if he's planning on doing this gig for any length of time. It just doesn't make sense to me they finally GET to be a public couple and he runs off to do more reality TV and not just any reality TV but the one that requires a huge commitment of time.........AND physically exhausts you......... if you get my drift. Oh, an one minor other thought, when is this guy going to get started dancing in the first place. The show starts in a couple of weeks and he's still making commitment appearances for the last reality tv AND The Bachelor was supposed to be sending the couple back to St Lucia for a vacation.........when is he going to fit that in??? The first week should be telling for Jake........

I only know about Kate Gosselin from the rag TV shows but I do know who she is. I hear them slamming the two parents of eight pretty regularly. Who is and isn't right, I haven't a clue but do I think that doing Dancing can help her self esteem..........ABSOLUTELY! and do I think she could do with some more of that....... YOU BET! Any woman raising eight kids knows how to loose herself in the process. I'm hoping Dancing helps her in that regard.

And that's it....... six of the eleven competitors. If I thought for a while I might even remember another couple more or so. Like I said, I was really surprised to know so many of this year's contestants. Now if we could just get the darn show under way.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Touching Base.....................Dancing and more

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost a year since I posted here. Dancing with the Stars finished up an entire season and has begun a new one. I don't know what I've been thinking but it sure wasn't about this blog. I guess that shows how much I really don't care about the boob tube.

I have watched TV over this time. I guess I use it as a tool to zone out and relax at the end of a long day. Most television leaves me wondering why I'm even wasting my time watching........but then that was the point of this blog, wasn't it.

Since I began posting here I seem to have found some interest is some of the reality TV. Certainly Dancing with the Stars can capture my least in the later part of the season when the stars learn how to dance. Then The Biggest Loser also seems to get me as well. I think my interest there is based in the fact I have a child who is obese. I wish someday she might find the courage to confront her weight issue. I suppose seeing others gives me hope.

Mostly TV has gotten too gorey for me. While cop shows can be intriguing, most of today's shows think that realism means showing way too much detail for me. I already know how horrible human beings can be to each other. I don't need graphic content to get the idea.........all it does is make was want to puke and change the station.....or turn off my TV.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lance and Lacey Blew It!

After watching the finals of Dancing with the Stars last night, I have to say that Lance and Lacey blew it. What were they thinking doing a routine with absolutely no lifts in their free style?

I get that Lance was trying to be loyal to his roots and showcase them, but he needed to be taking care of the fan base that got him this far. You can bet there were way more than hip hop fans doing that voting. I'm pretty sure the shows demographics would show a much broader base than that. It was foolish for Lance and Lacey not to take that into account when choreographing their free style.

Lifts and wild moves are what has made the free style the favorite dance of the masses. They watch all season picturing their favorites dazzling their socks off and showcasing their new found expertise. While that hip hop routine might have wowed Lance's music fans it did nothing for those of us that love the wild element the free style brings. I'm afraid they killed off any chance they had for taking a run at Brooke. We'll see what the results show has to offer but my guess is that it'll be the pretty mom/model/emcee hands down.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leachman Leaves Dancing

Yeah!!!!!!!!! Cloris is finally off. While she might have been amusing Cloris Leachman really didn't do much for Dancing with the Stars in my book. Sure it's great to see an 82 year old with that much spunk willing to get off the couch and give it a try. But it was clear from the start that Cloris had been exactly that, a couch potato for quite a while now. There was no way she was up to the physical challenge of what Dancing requires.

I wonder if she really inspired all that many of the geriatric set to get up off their couches and do instead of sitting there watching and marveling at the fact someone of their age was actually giving it a try. I guess it's probably hard telling. My guess is the closest that most of them got to any exercises was with their dialing finger, other than that I doubt they even burned one extra calorie which is really a shame.

But for me, Cloris reminded me of what I do not want to become. I hope to keep my body going in much better condition by the time I reach her age. Although I must admit the fact that she could raise her leg up to her nose was pretty impressive. It's just that I tuned in to see dancing..........real dancing...........not comedy relief designed to cover up dancing ability. Cloris's feeble pandering to the crowd for applause was just too much for me.

If I sound cruel, I don't think it's as cruel as sending home real dancers while Cloris poked fun at the very concept. I'm for entertainment but not at the expense of what the premise of the show is supposed to be in the first place. Let's hope that things settle down now and we get to see some REAL dancing.