Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lance and Lacey Blew It!

After watching the finals of Dancing with the Stars last night, I have to say that Lance and Lacey blew it. What were they thinking doing a routine with absolutely no lifts in their free style?

I get that Lance was trying to be loyal to his roots and showcase them, but he needed to be taking care of the fan base that got him this far. You can bet there were way more than hip hop fans doing that voting. I'm pretty sure the shows demographics would show a much broader base than that. It was foolish for Lance and Lacey not to take that into account when choreographing their free style.

Lifts and wild moves are what has made the free style the favorite dance of the masses. They watch all season picturing their favorites dazzling their socks off and showcasing their new found expertise. While that hip hop routine might have wowed Lance's music fans it did nothing for those of us that love the wild element the free style brings. I'm afraid they killed off any chance they had for taking a run at Brooke. We'll see what the results show has to offer but my guess is that it'll be the pretty mom/model/emcee hands down.