Thursday, February 21, 2008

Television - Am I Watching It - Not Likely

I haven't posted on this blog in forever. Mostly because there's not much to post about. I haven't been watching television because it's making me crazy. I've been spending time with the other two blogs instead.

Dancing with the Stars is about the most entertaining that television gets for me. Even though it's not really got much in the way of stars for me. I am looking forward to its new season but haven't a clue who most of those people are. Guess I will before it's over. While I would never jam my feet into those shoes to dance, there is something amazing watching those stars develop their dance abilities.

Dance Wars with Bruno and Carrie Anne was a disappointment to me. I really hated the fact they voted at the end of one show, danced another whole show and then sent someone home based on the singing and dancing from the week before. It just didn't appeal to my sense of fairness and made little sense to those poor souls sent home. That was a big turn off for me. I liked the concept of the show but thought it was poorly executed.

I'm sick to death of Lost. It's gotten too far out there for me. Either that or it's had way too much hidden meaning stuff for my tired old brain to keep track of. It's just not relaxing television.

The new bachelor has already p*ssed me off with his comment he's here to steal our women. It strikes me like some cave man and I'm way too liberated for that. Just ask my husband. The very fact that twenty four women don't care about themselves enough to through themselves at the mercy of one man on international television make me sad. I think they all need help even if it is supposed to be good television.

Actually, lately my favorite tv watch is the Biggest Loser. I do think that show is changing people's lives. Some more than others but hey with the obesity epidemic in this country at least someone isn't burying their head in the sand. I like that they are showing more of the diet stuff and exercises we can do at home.

American Idol is back. I totally avoided the tryouts this year. I just cannot stand to see those people humliating themselves in that manner. I think it's sad, that's all there is too it. I did miss the first weeks in Hollywood but am not sure that I missed much. I am sick of Simon being cruel. I think the man should be able to express his opinion without being downright mean!