Tuesday, March 6, 2007

American Idols Boys Murdered by American Idols Girls

OK, I have been watching American Idol although I haven't been updating this blog. I figured I better get something written before another night of American Idol passed and I still hadn't written anything. Guess what it all comes down to is this.Try as many ways as I can but there's just no nice way to put it, the boys are sucky and the girls rock.

Granted last week the guys did get better that their awful performances of the week before but even at their best they are no match for the top girls. And Sinjia won't be able to keep hanging in there with the teeny booper vote if he doesn't get his stuff together and break out with a song more in line with what he sang at his original audition. That suited him, nothing since then has fit. Just because you like to sing other forms of music doesn't mean that you can make it as an American Idol in those genres.' He's a cute kid I'd like to see him get it figured out.

I'm not sure who Simon is talking about with the prima donna attitudes but it sure would be fun to know. It always makes me crazy when they stand up there and get advice on how to be a star and act like they know better. If they knew better, they wouldn't need American Idol, now would they.

So hopefully this week, Sundance has not lost the old Sundance we finally got to see again last week. Although in my book he still has a long way to go to even touch the top girls. I think that Chris is good but also needs to step it up a bunch to catch the girls. I was sorry to see AJ go, I thought there was potential there.Personally, I'm still longing for some beautiful blue or brown eyes like we've had in seasons past but guess I'lll be waiting another year. No heart throbs for me in the guys this year.

I think the only things saving American Idol for me this year is the girls. They definitely have some pipes in this group. My favorites are Lakisha and Melinda. After those two I would say American Idol favorites for me would be Stephanie, Sabrina and Jordin, not necessarily in that order. What was the deal with Simon telling the girls how to dress. Personally, I liked Lakisha's clothes this last week better than the week before. Dressing her plus size figure tastefully must be a challenge but with that voice she could wear a gunne sack and still walk all over the boys.

Now we're onto another week tonight. I'll have to have it videoed. I have a darn meeting. But you can get I'll be watching to see if the guys have really figured out how to step it up in time with the girls. If not, they better watch out. the top 6 will all be female. Wouldn't that be an American Idol first...........

If it doesn't get real interesting soon, I'm going to have to restrict my television watching to soap operas. Watch out All My Children, here I come.