Monday, April 23, 2007

American Idol - Boys? Girls? Who Cares?

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up on these posts but I'm afraid I can find little enthusiasm to get charged up enough to write about American Idol. I still think most of the guys lack lustre and even the top girls are not ringing my chimes.

I don't think Lakisha has lived up to her potential in weeks. I hope that ending up in last week's bottom two will rattle her cage and get her up and cruising again. While Melinda always gives it her all her song choices seem to be safe and mediocre. She always belts out with great pitch, rhythm and timing but it takes more than that to be a superstar in my book. Even the judges are getting weary of her safe game.

I was glad to see that Blake is hanging in there. He's actually growing on me. As he gets more confidence the twinkle in his eye is emerging and he's actually beginning to show a fun personality. I'm thinking Blake could be the sleeper in all of this even if he did end up in the bottom three last week. He's definitely the most original of the group.

I suppose I should mention Phil. He finally did belt one out last week. First time he's really picked a song that anyone could get excited about. If he continues to improve from here who knows where he'll end up.

About the only thing I find I can get at all excited about on American Idol is the fact that Sinjaya finally got sent home. While he finally began putting some personality out there and even got a bit cocky, he song choices just weren't............well, that's really the best I can say.....they just plain weren't! Not to mention that his delivery was nothing but milk toast. A comment I'm sure he wouldn't understand but definitely deserved. Sinjaya never did deliver a song his whole stint on Idol like he did that very first song in tryouts. Too bad, I think the kid could make it if he could just figure out how to get some emotion into his singing.

Well, that's it for this commentary, If American Idol doesn't get going soon I swear I'm going to move on to the soaps.