Monday, April 19, 2010

Dancing Troubles..........

I'm worried about Dancing with the Stars. It seems by now some of the dancers should be getting the hang of it. While most look like they're having done, the scores just don't seem to be going up.

The only thing good about Kate Gosselin's stretch was the line by Tom Burgeron, "Update eight little friends just stripped Bruno's car" in response to the judge's less than kind remarks about Kate's lack of dance. Kate Gosselin has got to go.

While I get the woman could use some self esteem and dancing should be good for her, it doesn't look like she's even trying most of the time. I feel sorry for Tony Devaloni having to motivate a partner who seems to be just going through the motions.

Then looking at her scores. How does Kate get only one point lower than Neicy Nash . Maybe the "thick" (as she refers to herself) woman's jive wasn't as crisp on the bottom as it was sexy on the top but Geez, only 6's from all three judges when the woman easily dances circles around Kate with her scores of 5's. If Neicy's dancing only earned 6's then Kate's should have been 3's.

I know there is a contingency out there who feel sorry for Kate but they need to get real and vote for someone worthy. The woman clearly has something she'd rather be doing with her time and I know I'd rather be doing something else than watching her fake dancing.

The bright spots of the evening were from the Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger and gold medal skaterEvan Lysacek . The bachelor star Jake Pavelka
and former beach starPamela Anderson are showing promise so I can handle them too.......... and ok so Erin Andrews is coming along but Geez.......Louise..........if Kate Gosselin keeps hanging around I may have to pass on anymore Dancin.'