Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leachman Leaves Dancing

Yeah!!!!!!!!! Cloris is finally off. While she might have been amusing Cloris Leachman really didn't do much for Dancing with the Stars in my book. Sure it's great to see an 82 year old with that much spunk willing to get off the couch and give it a try. But it was clear from the start that Cloris had been exactly that, a couch potato for quite a while now. There was no way she was up to the physical challenge of what Dancing requires.

I wonder if she really inspired all that many of the geriatric set to get up off their couches and do instead of sitting there watching and marveling at the fact someone of their age was actually giving it a try. I guess it's probably hard telling. My guess is the closest that most of them got to any exercises was with their dialing finger, other than that I doubt they even burned one extra calorie which is really a shame.

But for me, Cloris reminded me of what I do not want to become. I hope to keep my body going in much better condition by the time I reach her age. Although I must admit the fact that she could raise her leg up to her nose was pretty impressive. It's just that I tuned in to see dancing..........real dancing...........not comedy relief designed to cover up dancing ability. Cloris's feeble pandering to the crowd for applause was just too much for me.

If I sound cruel, I don't think it's as cruel as sending home real dancers while Cloris poked fun at the very concept. I'm for entertainment but not at the expense of what the premise of the show is supposed to be in the first place. Let's hope that things settle down now and we get to see some REAL dancing.