Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week 3

The tango and the jive were the chosen dances for last nights, Dancing with the Stars I have to admit that I don't always "get" the tango. Sometimes they just look stiff and pissed off to me and some of the moves make no sense to me at all. I mean what is the point of those repeated sharp head turns. Maybe if some one besides Jimmy Kimmel explained it to me, I might understand.

In the meantime, when I see a tango that is really great to me, it's usually phenomenal to the rest of the world. With that being said, I'm not sure there was a really great tango last night. While I understood that Jane Seymour's rendition was very emotional due to the death of her mother, it was still not a blazing tango in my book.

And Wayne Newton, well, I was hoping he's stay on long enough for them to go to his farm and show some of his beautiful herd of Arabian horses. They did that last night. Although they only panned one shed row with a handful of mares, that was good for my horsey fix. And my husband was pleased to point out that with Wayne having a herd of 75 Arabian horses, we actually have one third as many as Wayne. He said that like it was some great accomplishment, like maybe we were somehow keeping up with Wayne. But I quickly reminded him that we are supporting our 25 horses on nowhere near one third Wayne Newton's horse budget. Boy wouldn't that be a fantasy, one third of Wayne's horse budget to support my herd!!! That's a dream I could live with, especially since my 25 are the quality of Wayne's. But since my dream isn't what this blog is supposed to be about and there's not much chance in Wayne sharing his horse budget with me, I have to say, I'm afraid Wayne is probably the number one choice to be voted off tonight. I really like his new do and think the weight loss is looking good but I'm not sure that his great personality is going to be enough to carry him through another week. But I'm hoping...........cause I'd love to get another look at some more of Wayne's horses! AND I know he really wants to stay.

The jive on the other hand can get my juices flowing. I love the energy of the dance so it is one of my favorites. While I enjoyed last night's renditions, I can't say that there was one particular performance that jumped out at me. I know I'm not an expert but it takes more than tons of action to get me excited. I thought they were fun to watch but nothing spectacular. Geez! I'm getting to be a ballroom snob!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week 2 Results

Well, the Dancing with the Stars http://abc.go.com/primetime/dancingwiththestars/index results came in and Albert Reed was the next one sent home. Both of the super models are history.

I was suprised to see Albert voted off so soon. He had been so hot the first week. However, his second dance left something to be desired. I felt a little sorry for him until I heard that he was pretty arrogant on Jimmy Kimmel Live http://abc.go.com/latenight/jimmykimmel/index?pn=index Arrogance is neither flattering nor endearing, so now I'm glad that he's gone. I guess the part he didn't get about Wayne Newton still being around is that Wayne knows how to make the fans love him.

Jane Seymour is returning to the competition for tonight's performance. Her partner, Tony, followed her to England to work on their routine. Even with all the turmoil in her life, I'm sure that Jane will put everything she's got into this, after all she's dancing for her mother. Ill be this has become even more important now that her mother is gone.

On a lighter note, I'm looking forward to seeing what the stars have in store for us tonight. I don't pay enough attention to even remember what dances they'll be doing. But I'm sure whatever the choices are that it will be another entertaining evening of television.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The results show for the second week of Dancing with the Stars happens tonight on ABC. While who goes home is still a mystery the blogosphere is already polarizing as people decide their favorites.

Mark Cuban and his partner, Kym Johnson are beginning to garner some attention. Featured on a blog post devoted specifically to their performance this week. Maybe this will help raise the tycoon higher in the popularity polls this week.

While, yet another blog lines up behind Helio Castroneves and his partner, Juliane Hough suggesting, Apolo who? Now don't go picking on Apolo, he was HOT, HOT, HOT, last year!
There's even been special attention to the Hispanic speaking portion of the population tuning in to support the race car driver in the form of Top Ratings in Hispanic TV

Also in the news, Jane Seymour will not make the results show tonight due to the death of her mother. Whether or not Jane will return to the show is still unknown For more information

Personally I hope that Mark Cuban doesn't get knocked out because I think he brings a lot of heart and a great sense of competition to the show. And then Wayne Newton may have been not made a huge splash with his slow moving quick step, he's still Mister Showman, himself, and brings a special something to the show. Not to mention the older generation that tunes in to watch their peers, Newton and Seymour, take on the young pups. Now that we don't know if we're keeping Jane, it would be a real loss to have Newton depart too.

I think this season is off to another exciting roll, with the scores actually higher than in the years past. This is sure to be a great season and I for one don't intend on missing a single one.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - The Results and more.....

Well, as I predicted Josie, the super model was the first to go home. I did feel sorry for her and still feel like given a chance she would have made a great dancer. But, she's gone and it's too late for that.

I was disappointed to see that the millionaire (or was it billionaire) was also in the bottom two. I thought his rendition of the Cha Cha to Trailers for Sale or Rent was good. He did a great job of playing to the crowd and was a surprise to the judges for just that reason. Unfortunately sometimes, the best dancers don't always get credit and popularity takes over.

That was obviously the case or the boxer would have been in the bottom two. He was certainly there on points! For a totally different perspective on this week's Dancing with the Stars , this woman actually thought the boxes was good! Bad posture! Doesn't she know that's a bid no no in ballroom?

On to other things, last nights premiers of both Private Practice and Dirty, Sexy Money left something to be desired for me. I could care if the star doc from Grey's Anatomy moved to LA to a new practice to dance in the nude. I thought the show started off slow and nearly lost me.

Dirty Sexy Money on the other hand really lost me. While I'm not sure what the other half really lives like, I thought these people were disgusting. They had no morals and no character and no appeal. All they had was money and who cares. For me, you can bet, that show won't be on my list to watch.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dancing with the Stars

I have to admit that I love Dancing with the Stars Normally, I'm not much of a television watcher which maybe you can tell by how much I post here. But Dancing with the Stars has me entralled.While I may not have a clue who some of the stars are, I still enjoy watching them struggle with the dancing each week. It's intriguing to see the growth from one week to the next. I know they must really be spending bunches of time on the dance floor. Although how some of the do it and still manage their careers is beyond me.

I think I've watched the show from its inception only missing a segment or two because of meetings I just couldn't get out of, but on the whole, this has been one of the only highlights in television for me. It's particularly nice to see a reality show that isn't out to shock or gag me!

This years cast of stars seems to be the most recognizable to me. Although there are a couple of stars I don't know much about, I feel fairly comfortable that I some idea about most of these stars. That has been a plus keeping track of who did what.

I was surprised to see that all of the dancers seemed to be better than on the first dance of previous seasons. The judges can be tough but even they seemed to appreciate the first attemps of this new group as well.

Of course, there were a few participants who stood out having a better grasp of the notion of dancing than others. But at least they all came seriously prepared to dance, unlike P in a previous session. It's great to see the stars making themselves vulnerable and literally working their a _ _ _ _ off!

Now, as far as who I think will go home on tonight's results show. My gutt tells me the super model, Josie, who danced first will not pull enough fans to stay on. Unfortunately, I think she'd be a great one to watch improve each week. With her body strength being a major issue this week, she's got lots of possibility down the road.

My next favorite candidate for leaving was the boxer, Floyd. And I must say I was pretty surprised. I guess after watching Laila Ali dance last year, I just expected the guy to handle the footwork. But his posture killed him and his execution was a bit too brutus.

For a complete review of all the dancers see The Mercury News Interactive for a great blog post . I think I actually agreed with most everything he had to say except about Floyd.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Summer TV and Still Less Content

OK, I can't resist this one. What in the heck was The Singing Bee supposed to be? Certainly not good television. Joey Fatone should stick with Dancing with the Stars and leave the sinking singing shows to someone who doesn't have a career worth saving.

Lindsay and I both thought the show sucked! Dave, he'll sit through anything so he didn't notice the slow was boring with a capital B. The singing was mediocre and the contestants more like leftovers from the New Price Is Right

Can we say Cancelled! Please soon, I hope.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer Television - What Were They Thinking??

Not that I don't have enough to do in the summer that I really need the television to fill up my time, but for the occassional time when I get a chance to rest my tired bum in a chair in front of the contraption, it would be nice if there was something on there worth watching.

And not that I don't like the idea of great celebrity impersonators or great inventors without the funds to get their ideas off the ground, the way these shows go about screening or whatever you what to call it, leaves something to be desired.

Even the commercials seem to have lost focus on what they are there for. Seems to me that anything that can take up time and space has a shot at getting on the boob tube these days!

Guess that's why the only thing I'm interested in watching is RFD-TV which has a great selection of natural horsemanship type trainers and other farm related stuff that makes sense to me. BUT my cable company doesn't even offer these channels. So I guess, for me, it'll be a long summer with little or no time in front of the television since my time would be much better spent taking a nap.

Monday, April 23, 2007

American Idol - Boys? Girls? Who Cares?

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up on these posts but I'm afraid I can find little enthusiasm to get charged up enough to write about American Idol. I still think most of the guys lack lustre and even the top girls are not ringing my chimes.

I don't think Lakisha has lived up to her potential in weeks. I hope that ending up in last week's bottom two will rattle her cage and get her up and cruising again. While Melinda always gives it her all her song choices seem to be safe and mediocre. She always belts out with great pitch, rhythm and timing but it takes more than that to be a superstar in my book. Even the judges are getting weary of her safe game.

I was glad to see that Blake is hanging in there. He's actually growing on me. As he gets more confidence the twinkle in his eye is emerging and he's actually beginning to show a fun personality. I'm thinking Blake could be the sleeper in all of this even if he did end up in the bottom three last week. He's definitely the most original of the group.

I suppose I should mention Phil. He finally did belt one out last week. First time he's really picked a song that anyone could get excited about. If he continues to improve from here who knows where he'll end up.

About the only thing I find I can get at all excited about on American Idol is the fact that Sinjaya finally got sent home. While he finally began putting some personality out there and even got a bit cocky, he song choices just weren't............well, that's really the best I can say.....they just plain weren't! Not to mention that his delivery was nothing but milk toast. A comment I'm sure he wouldn't understand but definitely deserved. Sinjaya never did deliver a song his whole stint on Idol like he did that very first song in tryouts. Too bad, I think the kid could make it if he could just figure out how to get some emotion into his singing.

Well, that's it for this commentary, If American Idol doesn't get going soon I swear I'm going to move on to the soaps.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

American Idols Boys Murdered by American Idols Girls

OK, I have been watching American Idol although I haven't been updating this blog. I figured I better get something written before another night of American Idol passed and I still hadn't written anything. Guess what it all comes down to is this.Try as many ways as I can but there's just no nice way to put it, the boys are sucky and the girls rock.

Granted last week the guys did get better that their awful performances of the week before but even at their best they are no match for the top girls. And Sinjia won't be able to keep hanging in there with the teeny booper vote if he doesn't get his stuff together and break out with a song more in line with what he sang at his original audition. That suited him, nothing since then has fit. Just because you like to sing other forms of music doesn't mean that you can make it as an American Idol in those genres.' He's a cute kid I'd like to see him get it figured out.

I'm not sure who Simon is talking about with the prima donna attitudes but it sure would be fun to know. It always makes me crazy when they stand up there and get advice on how to be a star and act like they know better. If they knew better, they wouldn't need American Idol, now would they.

So hopefully this week, Sundance has not lost the old Sundance we finally got to see again last week. Although in my book he still has a long way to go to even touch the top girls. I think that Chris is good but also needs to step it up a bunch to catch the girls. I was sorry to see AJ go, I thought there was potential there.Personally, I'm still longing for some beautiful blue or brown eyes like we've had in seasons past but guess I'lll be waiting another year. No heart throbs for me in the guys this year.

I think the only things saving American Idol for me this year is the girls. They definitely have some pipes in this group. My favorites are Lakisha and Melinda. After those two I would say American Idol favorites for me would be Stephanie, Sabrina and Jordin, not necessarily in that order. What was the deal with Simon telling the girls how to dress. Personally, I liked Lakisha's clothes this last week better than the week before. Dressing her plus size figure tastefully must be a challenge but with that voice she could wear a gunne sack and still walk all over the boys.

Now we're onto another week tonight. I'll have to have it videoed. I have a darn meeting. But you can get I'll be watching to see if the guys have really figured out how to step it up in time with the girls. If not, they better watch out. the top 6 will all be female. Wouldn't that be an American Idol first...........

If it doesn't get real interesting soon, I'm going to have to restrict my television watching to soap operas. Watch out All My Children, here I come.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

OK, OK, We made it through the Guys! YUK!

OK, I haven't posted because I really don't know what to say. I know they're not usually all that good right at the beginning but at least there's someone you can look at and see they're going to be a heart trob! A Constantine, an Ace , heck even Clay had that twinkle in his eye. They keep telling us this is going to be the best Idol yet and I'm looking at theses guys that sang last night and wondering what in the heck were they thinking.

The young kid from Seattle, Sanjaya, now why would he let his sister pick his song choice? She got booted off the show. I remember the auditions in Seattle she sang this mechanical thing that sounded like she was singing something someone else picked out for her. She wasn't connected to the music at all. Then he sang a totally different kind of song. He had confidence, the song had spark. It sounded like that was his kind of song. So he gets to THE most important night of his life and lets his sister pick that sappy song.....give me a break! I want to like you (I like to root for the underdog and he's the youngest) but you're making it hard.

Sundance, not much better. Actually, I think Sundance was probably worse, much worse, well how about, the worst. I haven't liked him since the auditions (but there I have to say I agreed with the judges, I thought he had promise). I don't know if it's nerves or what, but baby you suck! The promise was empty and still coming out your nose! It's sad to see somebody with that kind of talent falling on his face.......need I say more. If you need more input than this check out phillyburbs He's a bit mean to them but I think he's right on about their talent so far.

Other than that, nobody really struck me one way or the other. So I'm back to the premise of my first post, why am I still sitting here watching this and will the girls be any better. Let's hope so or I may spend my time here at the computer instead of on the TV

Monday, February 12, 2007

No One Is Sicker of Tryouts on American Idol Than Me!

After I don’t remember how many night of sitting in front of the television watching this year’s new season of American Idol I can’t help but wonder what in the world was I thinking? Now I know that there are blogs out there already like PhillyBurbs who are already predicting who the top 24 will be..............But PLEEEEEEZE, I haven’t even gotten over the hurling because of the tryouts.

How much of America is going to forgive them for that horrible crap they called entertainment? While it may have been a tad amusing the first year, by now it is nothing but very old, boring and predictable. The only reason our household watched at all was to get a glimpse of who the talent would be. Since I’m terrible with names I thought maybe I’d get a jump on it but starting out at the beginning but that’s a joke. When they finally do let us see someone with talent my poor brain is so numbed out by the wailings and blubbering of the tone deaf, oblivious throngs that get in front of the camera that it can’t even process a name.

I swear the powers that be at Idol better be careful, if they try to force feed us another year of this tryout crap and it continues to focus on the no-talents, I think they are cutting their own throats. Maybe the die-hard Idol groupies will tolerate this outlandish behavior but the rest of America is not so tolerant. We want to see an honest attempt to find some talent or forget it. We’re not dumb enough to believe that in those thousands of Idol wantabes that show up to audition at each city there are that many gross people trying out and only a handful of good ones. We know you’re sending some good ones home before they ever get to sing for the judges because you think it’s more entertaining to see the goofballs. With the choices you’ve been making the odds are you’ve left the REAL Idol standing out the street so what’s the point of watching, anyway.