Monday, October 8, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week 2 Results

Well, the Dancing with the Stars results came in and Albert Reed was the next one sent home. Both of the super models are history.

I was suprised to see Albert voted off so soon. He had been so hot the first week. However, his second dance left something to be desired. I felt a little sorry for him until I heard that he was pretty arrogant on Jimmy Kimmel Live Arrogance is neither flattering nor endearing, so now I'm glad that he's gone. I guess the part he didn't get about Wayne Newton still being around is that Wayne knows how to make the fans love him.

Jane Seymour is returning to the competition for tonight's performance. Her partner, Tony, followed her to England to work on their routine. Even with all the turmoil in her life, I'm sure that Jane will put everything she's got into this, after all she's dancing for her mother. Ill be this has become even more important now that her mother is gone.

On a lighter note, I'm looking forward to seeing what the stars have in store for us tonight. I don't pay enough attention to even remember what dances they'll be doing. But I'm sure whatever the choices are that it will be another entertaining evening of television.

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