Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The results show for the second week of Dancing with the Stars happens tonight on ABC. While who goes home is still a mystery the blogosphere is already polarizing as people decide their favorites.

Mark Cuban and his partner, Kym Johnson are beginning to garner some attention. Featured on a blog post devoted specifically to their performance this week. Maybe this will help raise the tycoon higher in the popularity polls this week.

While, yet another blog lines up behind Helio Castroneves and his partner, Juliane Hough suggesting, Apolo who? Now don't go picking on Apolo, he was HOT, HOT, HOT, last year!
There's even been special attention to the Hispanic speaking portion of the population tuning in to support the race car driver in the form of Top Ratings in Hispanic TV

Also in the news, Jane Seymour will not make the results show tonight due to the death of her mother. Whether or not Jane will return to the show is still unknown For more information

Personally I hope that Mark Cuban doesn't get knocked out because I think he brings a lot of heart and a great sense of competition to the show. And then Wayne Newton may have been not made a huge splash with his slow moving quick step, he's still Mister Showman, himself, and brings a special something to the show. Not to mention the older generation that tunes in to watch their peers, Newton and Seymour, take on the young pups. Now that we don't know if we're keeping Jane, it would be a real loss to have Newton depart too.

I think this season is off to another exciting roll, with the scores actually higher than in the years past. This is sure to be a great season and I for one don't intend on missing a single one.

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KinnicChick said...

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I'm a DWTS junkie (and posted about it on my OTHER blog if you want to follow along over there. I'll leave a link here in the comments) too, and still haven't watched the results from last week, even though a new dance will take place tomorrow night. I'm waiting until my daughter can join me for the online watching.

My take is found here.