Wednesday, February 21, 2007

OK, OK, We made it through the Guys! YUK!

OK, I haven't posted because I really don't know what to say. I know they're not usually all that good right at the beginning but at least there's someone you can look at and see they're going to be a heart trob! A Constantine, an Ace , heck even Clay had that twinkle in his eye. They keep telling us this is going to be the best Idol yet and I'm looking at theses guys that sang last night and wondering what in the heck were they thinking.

The young kid from Seattle, Sanjaya, now why would he let his sister pick his song choice? She got booted off the show. I remember the auditions in Seattle she sang this mechanical thing that sounded like she was singing something someone else picked out for her. She wasn't connected to the music at all. Then he sang a totally different kind of song. He had confidence, the song had spark. It sounded like that was his kind of song. So he gets to THE most important night of his life and lets his sister pick that sappy song.....give me a break! I want to like you (I like to root for the underdog and he's the youngest) but you're making it hard.

Sundance, not much better. Actually, I think Sundance was probably worse, much worse, well how about, the worst. I haven't liked him since the auditions (but there I have to say I agreed with the judges, I thought he had promise). I don't know if it's nerves or what, but baby you suck! The promise was empty and still coming out your nose! It's sad to see somebody with that kind of talent falling on his face.......need I say more. If you need more input than this check out phillyburbs He's a bit mean to them but I think he's right on about their talent so far.

Other than that, nobody really struck me one way or the other. So I'm back to the premise of my first post, why am I still sitting here watching this and will the girls be any better. Let's hope so or I may spend my time here at the computer instead of on the TV

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