Monday, February 12, 2007

No One Is Sicker of Tryouts on American Idol Than Me!

After I don’t remember how many night of sitting in front of the television watching this year’s new season of American Idol I can’t help but wonder what in the world was I thinking? Now I know that there are blogs out there already like PhillyBurbs who are already predicting who the top 24 will be..............But PLEEEEEEZE, I haven’t even gotten over the hurling because of the tryouts.

How much of America is going to forgive them for that horrible crap they called entertainment? While it may have been a tad amusing the first year, by now it is nothing but very old, boring and predictable. The only reason our household watched at all was to get a glimpse of who the talent would be. Since I’m terrible with names I thought maybe I’d get a jump on it but starting out at the beginning but that’s a joke. When they finally do let us see someone with talent my poor brain is so numbed out by the wailings and blubbering of the tone deaf, oblivious throngs that get in front of the camera that it can’t even process a name.

I swear the powers that be at Idol better be careful, if they try to force feed us another year of this tryout crap and it continues to focus on the no-talents, I think they are cutting their own throats. Maybe the die-hard Idol groupies will tolerate this outlandish behavior but the rest of America is not so tolerant. We want to see an honest attempt to find some talent or forget it. We’re not dumb enough to believe that in those thousands of Idol wantabes that show up to audition at each city there are that many gross people trying out and only a handful of good ones. We know you’re sending some good ones home before they ever get to sing for the judges because you think it’s more entertaining to see the goofballs. With the choices you’ve been making the odds are you’ve left the REAL Idol standing out the street so what’s the point of watching, anyway.


Tracey said...

I swear, I've been held hostage by my children on American Idol nights! I've no clue how to work all those silly remote controls that are laying about my house, so it was either watch, or listen from the other room. I elected for listening, but I'm not sure that was any better...I may need to purchase ear plugs...

Anna said...

Hey, I am here from Lori's.

Here in London (UK) we get all the nights on one night here. So last Friday it was on from 8 until 1 in the morning.

I am an American living here so for me it is like a slice of home. And my kids watch with me until they pass out... :)

Liquid said...

Love the work you have put into your blog!