Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dancing with the Stars

I have to admit that I love Dancing with the Stars Normally, I'm not much of a television watcher which maybe you can tell by how much I post here. But Dancing with the Stars has me entralled.While I may not have a clue who some of the stars are, I still enjoy watching them struggle with the dancing each week. It's intriguing to see the growth from one week to the next. I know they must really be spending bunches of time on the dance floor. Although how some of the do it and still manage their careers is beyond me.

I think I've watched the show from its inception only missing a segment or two because of meetings I just couldn't get out of, but on the whole, this has been one of the only highlights in television for me. It's particularly nice to see a reality show that isn't out to shock or gag me!

This years cast of stars seems to be the most recognizable to me. Although there are a couple of stars I don't know much about, I feel fairly comfortable that I some idea about most of these stars. That has been a plus keeping track of who did what.

I was surprised to see that all of the dancers seemed to be better than on the first dance of previous seasons. The judges can be tough but even they seemed to appreciate the first attemps of this new group as well.

Of course, there were a few participants who stood out having a better grasp of the notion of dancing than others. But at least they all came seriously prepared to dance, unlike P in a previous session. It's great to see the stars making themselves vulnerable and literally working their a _ _ _ _ off!

Now, as far as who I think will go home on tonight's results show. My gutt tells me the super model, Josie, who danced first will not pull enough fans to stay on. Unfortunately, I think she'd be a great one to watch improve each week. With her body strength being a major issue this week, she's got lots of possibility down the road.

My next favorite candidate for leaving was the boxer, Floyd. And I must say I was pretty surprised. I guess after watching Laila Ali dance last year, I just expected the guy to handle the footwork. But his posture killed him and his execution was a bit too brutus.

For a complete review of all the dancers see The Mercury News Interactive for a great blog post . I think I actually agreed with most everything he had to say except about Floyd.

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Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Okay I am going to get into this one too MiKael. I only started watching this series in the last season and really enjoyed it. This one should be interesting, some flamboyant characters. Still trying to remember names, but the Indi Racer guy is pretty awesome!!! I think it was the supermodel who was voted out?

I also love Survivor, Biggest Loser and believe it or not Big Brother!!!!!! I started watching Survivor when I first arrived over here, that episode was set in Kenya Africa so coming from Africa it was tempting. I have been watching them all since.

I will also watch the Amazing Race if time permits. A lot of them we have to record (Dish Network DVD) and watch when we get time. I aso used to enjoy RFD-TV but then they made it part of the subscription channels and I havent been able to justify the extra cost just for that.

I hate the CSI ones, too gory Yuk and the ER type hospital ones too.