Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Dancing Has Begun.........Now What?

OK, it's taken me a couple of days to reflect on what I saw before I could come up with a post. I guess the first dances of the season weren't as bad as some past BUT the real question is, "Did they go as expected?" Everyone always wants to know if there were surprises and to be truthful I'm not really sure about that even yet.

When the show actually began I was surprised to see that I really knew even more of these "stars" than I first stated. I think Aiden Turner formerly of All My Children is a real hunk and I sure hope he can dance. I would have no problem watching him shake his booty for awhile. True on this first night he looked of bit crazed in his attempt at the Cha Cha but hey it was a good crazed......... a really good crazed. I can only imagine what it'll be like when he really learns HOW to shake that too cute b*tt correctly.

Buzz Aldrin was as I expected........a little stiff but what 80 year old (besides of course Jack LaLane could be supple enough to pull this off) He seemed to be a nice guy not afraid to take a risk. How else could you get yourself into being on national TV at that age? Any guy who could be the first to walk on the moon has to have the guts it takes to jump off a cliff like Dancing with the Stars. Despite having the lowest scores of the night, I hope Buzz manages to stick around for a bit.

I was surprised by the network sports caster. She's my bet for the dark horse of the lot. True it didn't look like she had the feel all the way to the tips of those long lithe limbs of hers but her musicality was good. Definitely a diamond in the rough but not all that rough.

The Pussy Cat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, brought a lot to the table. After seeing her first dance I can see why the early bets were on her to be the winner. If the ice skater can't learn to remember he is dancing with a partner, she could make mince meat out of him. His lines were beautiful but he did not draw in the audience of the judges like madame Pussy Cat.

Speaking of drawing the judges in, Pamela Anderson, did just as I expected. Both male judges were drooling at the sexuality of her dance even if her technique sucked. But the what do you expect from the former Baywatch star. The woman hasn't lost her edge in that department just because she's older. She's still a bombshell. I wouldn't mind feeling that confident about myself.

I heard on the radio today that Mrs. Reality TV Mom is something of a primadonna to work with. There are rumors that she's late for hair, make-up and costume and obnoxious about it when they ask her to "Please come on time." The word on the streets is the Dancing crew are hoping she'll be voted off quickly so they don't have to put up with her cr*p.

Of course, this is probably rumor but part of that rumor was that she is planning to bring all eight of her kids to the next show. She expects to be in the bottom two so is hoping to use the kids to garner audience sympathy. I guess we'll have to wait for the show to see if this rumor is true. AND if it is, maybe it'll lend some truth to the first half of the thing.

Other than that the group seemed to be pretty close together in scores. It looks like they have a nice solid group of people to turn into dancers. It will be interesting to watch how quickly some pick dancing up......... and the struggles of those who don't. Oh.........and lest I forget, the costume failures that happen in the process.....seems like we started off the season with one already and I'm sure there are more to come.


Midlife Mom said...

I always enjoy Dancing With The Stars. It's fun to see how they progress from week to week. What bothers me though is some of the contestants have a dance background like the skaters. It's different but yet it has a lot of the same elements. Also Marie Osmond grew right up dancing with her brother on different shows. Guess no one asked me so they will do what they like! haha!

Rising Rainbow said...

MM, my guess is if they didn't get some in there with some kind of talent we'd all get bored and not watch. Besides they have to get their "stars" from somewhere and it looks like the real stars aren't all that into giving Dancing a try. The athletes and musicians have been much more cooperative at taking the risk.

For me it's fun to see people try, but more fun to see them actually get it right. Some of those dancers, like Buzz and Kate are never going to get there.

As for Marie being brave enough to do that at her age she needed some kind of help, don't you think. What are the odds of a middle aged woman getting the hang of dancing to that level without a little bit something in the first place. I know it's tough to think of Marie as middle aged but I do believe that is what she is. LOL

Ice Pony Girl said...

Try this link for the slow motion dog video