Sunday, March 30, 2008

This Baby Boomer Arabian Horses Dancing & Idol

I haven't posted on this blog in a while, not because I haven't been watching some TV , but because I'm too darn tired after working horses to stay awake once I get home. I have managed to keep up with my horse blog most of the time and the psyche blog part of the time. But coming up with something pithy to say about television just hasn't been in the cards.

I will say that currently my favorite shows on TV seem to be The Biggest Loser Couples although the couples are not more Dancing with the Stars even though there's not much in the way of stars and American Idol despite cocky Simon Cowell continuing picking or Ryan Seacrest and vice versa. I also seem to be drawn to Medium although I'm not sure I like the addition of Jessica Houston or the new DA.

In terms of what's new, I really like Eli Stone. I think it's a fresh approach at the usual law drama that has long since burned out its candle of appeal.

I'm looking forward to new seasons of Gray's Anatomy although I hope it doesn't go down the road of just toooooo graphic like E R did. Life is hard enough I don't need blood and guts in my living room. Wisteria Lane which I hope doesn't get toooo wierd and Brothers and Sisters is high on my list of dysfunctional families to visit.

That's it for my TV viewing. Unless something new and exciting pops up, I'll be spending more and more time at the barn as the days get longer. The horses are much more interesting to me than TV any day of the week.


Kahless said...

Hey I watch Desperate Housewifes and Brothers and Sisters. If you like rothers and Sisters I think you would like Dirty Sexy Money too. (american tv)

My favourite is Heroes; we are in the second season here.

And I like Dexter too.

Rising Rainbow said...

Kahless, I have watched Dirty, Sexy Money and I do love Heroes as well. I've gotten beyond Lost. It just got too far out for me. I have enough trouble with reality. lol

My new love though really is Eli Stone. When it comes your direction, check it out.

I really need to update this blog. Haven't been in the mood to update much of anything.

Kahless said...

I'll watch out for it.
I am still hanging in there with Lost; I am fed up with it and only half watch it but I just want to know what is the secret about the island and Ben.

Nancy said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment!

Love your photo with the little foals...I guess that's what they are called. I am just learning about horses from some other blogs I read regularly.

Guess I must be weird as I don't watch much TV unless it's a clean movie such as a Hallmark movie, HGTV shows, old Matlock shows, Little House on the Prairie, etc. I raised my kids on the last show, and they grew up to be two wonderful, caring young adults! I really work too much to watch much TV.

Drop by anytime, and I'll do the same!