Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Season.........Dancing with the Stars

With the new season for Dancing with the Stars fast approaching I almost don't know what to think. For the first time I can think of I actually know who at least half of these "stars" are. Just the idea that there are people I know making up the cast of characters makes this season seem inviting. Now if they just turn out to be people who can dance.......... or have great personalities I might actually enjoy this new season.

I can't help but think the Olympic gold medal winning ice skater might just be a ringer. While I can't spell or pronounce the man's name, I HAVE seen him skate. Whether he can loosen up enough to do give those Latin dances justice will tell the tale.

I don't know what to think about Pamela Anderson. I assume she will be reasonably athletic but the top heavy part worries me a bit. Hey! If Apolo Ohno can make the comment on national TV, it should be ok for me to mention here. I don't know how her balance might be affected but I'm pretty sure both male judges are going to love seeing Ms Anderson in those skimpy costumes!

It will be interesting to see how the first man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, does with these dances. He is no spring chicken at 80 and he will not be in the weightless state he was on the moon. Still I think it's cool that he is representing the "older" generation. I wish him well.

When talking about age, I must admit I surprised myself I even know who the Pussy Cat Dolls are. I can't tell you what songs they sing but I get that they're a popular group with the younger set. For me it was a big plus just to recognize the roots of one of the Dancing competitors. That's a huge improvement over times past although the name, Nicole Scherzinger, doesn't mean a thing to me........ yet. Forget the fact many think she is a ringer........ I'm still sticking with the Olympic gold medalist being the ringer!

I could care less about Jake from The Bachelor I've had enough of him already. I can only wonder how much he can really be into Vienna if he's planning on doing this gig for any length of time. It just doesn't make sense to me they finally GET to be a public couple and he runs off to do more reality TV and not just any reality TV but the one that requires a huge commitment of time.........AND physically exhausts you......... if you get my drift. Oh, an one minor other thought, when is this guy going to get started dancing in the first place. The show starts in a couple of weeks and he's still making commitment appearances for the last reality tv AND The Bachelor was supposed to be sending the couple back to St Lucia for a vacation.........when is he going to fit that in??? The first week should be telling for Jake........

I only know about Kate Gosselin from the rag TV shows but I do know who she is. I hear them slamming the two parents of eight pretty regularly. Who is and isn't right, I haven't a clue but do I think that doing Dancing can help her self esteem..........ABSOLUTELY! and do I think she could do with some more of that....... YOU BET! Any woman raising eight kids knows how to loose herself in the process. I'm hoping Dancing helps her in that regard.

And that's it....... six of the eleven competitors. If I thought for a while I might even remember another couple more or so. Like I said, I was really surprised to know so many of this year's contestants. Now if we could just get the darn show under way.


Lori Skoog said...

You crack me up with this blog! Not too long now, and we will be tuning in. It's a joke that Buzz is in this competition...too bad for his partner.

Rising Rainbow said...

Hopefully, Buzz will surprise us. I heard he's taken some dance lessons. He couldn't be any worse than Stever, what's his name (sorry Steve). Maybe like Steve what he lacks in ability he'll make up for in personality.

You know the soap opera dude, Aiden ??, he could turn out to be pretty hot if he gets the hang of it. LOL

I'll be there with my popcorn ready to see the show.

Cowgirl in the City said...

I'm going to just watch this year for Evan L- the figure skater. I'm hoping it'll be an Apolo Ohno like repeat! :)

baystatebrumby said...

This blog is very funny. I do not watch Dancing With the Stars but my question about that bachelor guy is , when does he actually do flying? I thought he was a commercial airline pilot. If he's on TV all the time, when does he do his real job? Has he secretly always wanted to be a dancer? Did he grow up watching the Solid Gold dancers and long to be one of them? hah!

Rising Rainbow said...

Cowgirl in the City, I'm with you. I'm thinking he could turn into an amazing dancer. Interesting the comments from the judges about him last night.

baystatebrumby, you are so right about Jake. I was wondering the same thing. Thinking maybe he's looking for a change of career. Seems to love the camera more than flying.

But if you watched the Bachelor, there was that one scene where the woman from Oregon danced for him. He made some kind of comment there about wanting to dance. Now I wonder if that comment was made before he knew about DWTS or maybe they learned about it so asked him. Would be interesting to know.